Earlington KY


KCBS 2014

This year at OctoberFest, on October 3-4, we will be hosting a nationally advertised barbecue contest through the Kansas City Barbecue Society. The categories for this contest include ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and brisket. If you are interested in judging the event there is a judging application you must submit. The application is available here on our website. For information on entering the contest, please check the KCBS website by clicking here

Click here to apply as a Judge for the barbecue contest.

Click here for the KCBS BBQ Contest entry form.


The City of Earlington will host its 7th annual OctoberFest Saturday, October 4th, 2014. Plans are being made now for the barbecue cookoff, live music, with The John King Band and Boscoe France performing, and children's activities. If you would like to help with the organization and planning of the event, please call Julie Sellers, City Clerk, 270-383-5364. The City of Earlington has applied with the Kansas City Barbecue Society to host a sanctioned barbecue contest to be held Saturday, October 4, 2014. More information will be given as it becomes available. For information on entering our Backyard BBQ Cook-Off, or to become a vendor, please call City Hall at 270-383-5364.

Click here for the Backyard BBQ Cook-Off Registration Form.

Click here for the Backyard Vendor Registration Form.

OctoberFest-KCBS Q and A

Q. Will water be provided?
A. Yes, water will be provided for the event.

Q. Will electricity be provided?
A. Yes, electricity will be provided for the event.

Q. What are the dates allowed for arrival and departure?
A. You may arrive at the park no earlier than Thursday, October 2nd; and, departure for the event may be as late as Sunday, October 5th.


Participating Hotels/Motels will be posted in the near future.